How PersonalDevelopment.Training Works?

  • 1 What kind of courses so you provide?

    Our mission is to improve life through personal development self coaching. Or the courses are written by experienced trainers and supervised by Mark. You can take courses in a wide variety of personal development categories and subject areas of life.

  • 2 What do PersonalDevelopment.Training courses include?

    The courses are created by professional under Mark’s supervision. The courses are organized in units and each unit in lessons, which can include text, audios, videos. All courses have activities (which can be more intellectual, like answering to questions, or can be more action oriented).

  • 3 Can I preview a course?

    All courses have at least one preview lesson. To preview lessons in the paid courses, you must at least be logged in.

  • 4 How do I take a PersonalDevelopment.Training course?

    Our courses are usually based on self-pacing, meaning you can take the lessons at your own rhythm. Sometimes a lesson can’t be taken if there are some prerequisite or won’t show if some time hasn’t passed. You’ll have first login or register to PersonalDevelopment.training site. Then you’ll enroll by pressing the enroll button in the home page of the course you are interested in. You’ll find always your courses in My Courses Page.

  • 5 How can I pay for a course?

    You can pay with Paypal, directly or with credits cards through Paypal.

  • 6 How much time do I have to complete the course?

    There are no deadlines once you started a course, and you can access the course even after you have finished it.

  • 7 Do your courses have completion certificates?

    Each paid course features a certificate of completion to document your achievements.

  • 8 What if I don’t like a course I’ve purchased?

    Our refund policy applies only to course of whose price is at least 17$. Our 1$ courses or 7$ aren’t subject to refund, so take them being aware of that. We think that we delivery tremendous value, so you should get always much more than what we ask you to pay. For all the other courses you can ask a refund request. Just send a mail to courses@personaldevelopment.training explaining why you are unsatisfied, and you’ll have your refund.

  • 9 Where can I ask for help?

    Just send an email to courses@personaldevelopment.training and we’ll be back to you.